Early Child Care 
Health Consulting 
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Administration of Emergency Medication


Participants will learn how to administer oral diphenhydramine and Epinephrine by auto-injector (Auvi-Q, Epipen, Adrenaclik) and/or Quick Relief Asthma medication (Albuterol, Xopenex, etc.) by metered dose inhaler with spacer. 

Length: 2 hours (Note: if diphenhydramine/epipen or quick relief asthma only, the length is 1.5 hours)

Location: your site

Cost: $350

Number of Participants: The length and cost assume from 1 to 20 participants.  More may require additional time, and assistance with making copies, but I can train as many at one time as a program needs.  I have trained up to 100 at a single training.


Topics covered:

 - background: asthma and allergies (history, diagnosis, and treatment strategies)

- prevention of asthma attacks/allergic reactions in child care programs

- permissions and consent forms required from the child's provider and parent

- development of an individual health care plan 

- medication storage and precautions

- understanding symptoms: knowing when to administer

- understanding administration techniques: knowing how to administer  (including demonstration and practice)

- calling 911, and following care plan 


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