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I cannot tell you how many "first-timers" commented to me about how much they learned and how relaxed they were.  Those who entered intimidated and unsure, left confident and informed and that is because of you!  I hope you know how many lives you bettered yesterday and that it makes you proud- Carolyn Oglio, Director, Wagner College Early Childhood 

I have provided CPR and First Aid training for more than 7,000 child care providers in more than 100 community programs over the past 10 years, as well as certification training for community programs that serve adults. Click here for a partial client list.

Location: your site 

CPR/AED/First Aid: $650 for 10 or fewer participants
$60 per person for between 11 and 15 participants
        $50 per person for 16 or more participants

Length of training: 4 hours

Students will receive their certificate cards immediately upon completion of the training.  The First Aid portion of the training will focus on pediatric first aid, particularly as it relates to classrooms, and family child care, following ASHI and AAP guidelines. 

Allergy basics, and use of the epinephrine auto injector is included in this training at no additional cost, if the program wishes.  A separate certificate is given to each participant for this portion.

I will email the 11 handouts at least a week in advance of the training.  The program will be responsible for printing and copying these handouts. 

Space and equipment needs:**
- a room with enough chairs for all participants, along with open space for mannequin practice.  The chairs should be arranged in a semicircle around the open space.
- a screen or blank wall to project onto; or a smartboard.

**COVID NOTE: We only provide the training at sites where all participants are vaccinated.

 To schedule a date:
1) Open the Calendar to check for available dates: click here 
2) If the date you are interested in is blank, that means it's still open. 
3) Call or send me an e-mail and I will hold that date for you until we make final arrangements....




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